• Crowdsourcing in history and digital humanities

    Aleksandra Fostikov (see profile)
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    digital humanities, methodology, crowdsourcing, history, cultural heritage
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    Crowdsourcing data in history and digital humanities is the one of the newest technique that is applying in gathering of all sort of the historical sources essential for the researching work. Moreover, it is important for the one more process - the preservation of the cultural heritage. As this method still is not in wide use particularly because of the digital gap within geographical and cultural net, this paper focuses on the meaning and the significance of the crowdsourcing method and its usefulness in digital humanities, as history science itself. Bearing in mind all mentioned, this article deals also with the implementation of this method, as with the consideration of the new methodology of scientific research in this case, not only for its presentation to the researchers but also to the wide public. Additionally, here we have considered the value of this method through the potential outcomes, opportunities as the possible problems. For now, this new method of get-together data for historical science and other humanities need time and resource, especially human to be implement. In the future, the AI could support using of the crowdsourcing, if one will be created for this purpose
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