• ‘Nothing About Youth Without Youth’: A Youth Empowerment Approach to Rethinking Teen Participation in Young Adult Collection Development

    Renee C.Y.M. Gaillard (see profile)
    Library science, Youth development, Libraries and teenagers, Collection development (Libraries), Public libraries
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    City, University of London
    youth empowerment, youth development, youth engagement, teen participation, young adult collection development, YA collection development, collection development, public libraries, young adult library services, adolescents
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    [Motivation] It’s not difficult to gather that libraries, and especially young adult librarians, value young adults and want to ensure they feel connected to and represented in the collections. However, there is not much literature specifically about how young adults are or could be involved in the actual process of developing those collections nor nearly any that center a youth empowerment approach. [Aims] This dissertation aims to, firstly, explore whether ‘youth empowerment’ could be a suitable approach in rethinking teen participation in young adult collection development and, secondly and more generally, connect various research on (a) youth participation in libraries and (b) youth empowerment and youth development. [Methods] Using an interdisciplinary approach and a desk research method, this research [Findings/Conclusions] (a) develops a definition and model of youth empowerment that asserts that youth empowerment is an approach to supporting young people which is rooted in the notion that youth can and should be agents in the matters that impact their lives, communities, and environments – which encompasses the key principles of youth voice, youth power and agency, identity exploration, community belonging, meaningful opportunities to contribute, and shared control through collaboration. The author concludes that youth empowerment (as defined within this dissertation) can be a suitable approach in the context of rethinking teen participation in young adult collection development. [Future Research] Future research can aim to focus on and evaluate practices in the field, incorporate empirical data that highlights perspectives from young adults and young adult librarians, and/or consider other unexplored areas of interest that intersect across related disciplines.
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