• The Effect of Simulation on Iranian Elementary EFL Learners’ Willingness to Communicate

    Masoumeh Abbasi, Houman Bijani, Salim Said Bani Orabah (see profile)
    English language--Study and teaching--Foreign speakers, Simulation methods
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    elementary learners, English as a foreign language learners, simulation, speaking proficiency, willingness to communicate.
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    Little research has so far concentrated on the virtual reality settings for elementary learners using language effectively in real situations. Although previous research has focused on the benefits of using simulation in EFL classrooms by using real objects or visual games by providing these objects, it is costly and difficult for teachers. This study is intended to explore an applicable and effective model of simulated situations for English as a foreign language (EFL) learners and investigate the effects of the simulated environment on the learners’ willingness to communicate (WTC). For this research, 300 elementary-level EFL learners were chosen. A Key English Test (KET) was performed to ascertain homogeneity among the learners. Having done so, the learners were classified into experimental and control groups. A WTC questionnaire created by Macintyre et al. (2001) was employed, after validation through exploratory factor analysis (EFA), confirmatory factor analysis (CFA), and modeling, as an instrument to obtain primary data. The outcomes of Mann-Whitney U test revealed that the simulated environment had positive effects on the participants' WTC. The findings of this study suggest that understanding how a simulated environment affects EFL learners' success in speaking proficiency can help institutes to provide such environments for EFL learners and instructors. This method can be presented at various levels of English proficiency. The focus of this research was mainly on speaking skills; therefore, similar studies can be conducted regarding other language skills, e.g., writing, listening, and reading.
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