• Recruitment and Salary Disparity between Monolingual and Bilingual EFL Teachers in Oman

    Houman Bijani, Salim Said Bani Orabah (see profile)
    Education--Regional disparities, Linguistic informants, Discrimination in employment
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    billingual, Discrimination, monolingual, salary disparity
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    Literature in the ƒeld of TESOL recruitment practices suggests that the myth of monolingual speakerism has impacted the employment methods in various countries in the world. e monolingual (native) speaker has a privileged position in English language teaching, representing both the model speaker and the ideal teacher. Bilingual teachers of English are often perceived as less competent than their monolingual counterparts in Oman. e aim of the study was to critically explore and problematize the recruitment practices that discriminate the bilingual English teachers in Oman. is article reports the ƒndings of a small-scale qualitative study conducted at an English Language Center (ELC) at one of the colleges of technology in Oman (CoTs) through obtaining data from bilingual teachers of English. eresults demonstrated that the native (monolingual) speakers’ fallacy is “alive and kicking” in Oman. All the recruiting agencies prefer to recruit monolingual speakers justifying this stance on the pretext that bilinguals are viewed as incompetent imitators of English. ere is also a huge discrimination based on salary range between monolingual and bilingual teachers, despite doing same job. Colonial impact is another reason behind monolingual speakers’ preference. e impact of discrimination is that bilingual teachers of English are left feeling inferior. Hence, it is essential to adopt policies, which install greater sense of job security to enhance motivation and innovation. e study suggests that there is an urgent need to review the recruitment practices in Oman to establish equality and to create a healthy working environment.
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