• Reaching Students Where They Are: The MassArt Library's New Pop Up Service for Art and Design Classes

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    After a year and a half of lagging book circulation caused by the pandemic, the MassArt librarians were eager to increase book usage among the returning student body. The librarians also wanted to maximize outreach to students from traditionally underserved backgrounds who might not have time to visit the library due to employment or long commutes. A solution came to light at the start of the fall semester. Instead of waiting for students to come to the library, the librarians retooled an existing mobile pop-up service, which had been used for campus special events, to focus on classes. In the program, a faculty member requests a cart of books on a subject like figure drawing, and the books are delivered to the classroom and picked up afterwards. The librarians include a substantial representation of women and artists of color in any cart. On occasion they add a micro instruction session on a resource like LinkedIn Learning or WGSN after dropping off the books. The new pop-up service is booming: faculty placed over 30 requests during the first half of the fall semester. It remains to be seen what impact the program will have on students checking out books or visiting the library. Yet the service is bringing art and design books to a wide population of students, which is valuable in itself. With help from faculty who are participating in the service, the library is better able to reach our students where they are.
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