• Syllabus for Digital Humanities and Early Latinx Literatures

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    Latinx/o/a writing has existed long before 20th century state policies and publishing markets created the category we recognize today as “Latino/a literature.” This course will focus on the literary and cultural production of writers from the era of initial colonization through Latin American independence and the 19th century actions fueled by the U.S. ideology of “Manifest Destiny.” The writing students will study in this course fundamentally shaped the ways we identify and talk about “Latina/o literature” today. Throughout our exploration, students will reflect on how ideas and identities of latinidad are negotiated across these periods. Crucially, students will undertake these reflections by engaging with the practices and tools of the digital humanities. Students will learn to critically read and analyze primary digital archival material and its metadata, and place those materials in conversation with the literary and cultural production of its time. The primary outcome of this course is the publication of a digital book on the Hilos y Tapices (Threads and Tapestries) of Early Latinidad – through the platform Scalar. Students will use the platform to illuminate their discoveries of the threads and tapestries of early latinidades at work within the very fibers of latinidad today. How are the processes that make visible the threads, patterns, and strategies of latinidad employed in literary studies akin to the processes employed by the digital humanities? In bringing these examinations & methodologies together, we are able to better understand the fullness of these expressions of latinidad – and their curation - as efforts of world-making.
    This syllabus was crafted thanks to a Digital Ethnic Futures Consortium 2021-2022 Teaching Fellowship.
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