• Implications of the arrest of Indian environment activist

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    Climate activist Disha Ravi was arrested by the police on 13 February 2021. The Government of India charged her with sedition. The 22-year-old Disha Ravi was charged with contributing to the 'toolkit' prepared by Swedish environmental activist Greta Thunberg for mobilizing support for the ongoing agitation of the landowners (farmers) of Punjab. However, what was published in the media does not throw complete light on the matter. Here, I would like to discuss some untouched aspects of the entire issue. The Indian media also drew the attention of its readers to the fact that Disha Ravi had not transgressed any Indian law and that toolkit is merely a document laying down the strategy for any movement and so, preparing a toolkit or circulating it cannot be termed a crime. This is true. But was it just foolishness and how-dare-you-question-me attitude on the part of the government that led to Disha's arrest? Are government functionaries really not aware that making a toolkit for any movement and circulating it can never be proved as a criminal act before any Indian court of law? The Real issue was the failure of the government to amend the rules related to the environment and the role of Disha Ravi in it. Some news web portals did discuss this aspect of her activities but only in a cursory manner. They did not link her arrest with it. In this article, We will discuss how a news portal was also victimized for coming in the way of changes in the environmental laws and how all the developments link up.
    This article was written originally in Hindi. English translation of this article was published in the online edition of Frontier Weekly. Here is the URL : https://www.frontierweekly.com/views/mar-21/3-3-21-Implications%20of%20the%20arrest%20of%20Indian%20environment%20activist.html
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