• Pedagogies of the Digitally Oppressed: Anti-Colonial Critiques and Transnational Collaborations within #OurDhIs Organizing

    Ashley Caranto Morford (see profile) , Arun Jacob, Kush Patel
    Pedagogy of the Digitally Oppressed: Critiques and Praxis
    Critical pedagogy, Digital humanities, Social justice
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    At a summer 2018 convening, a group project and public performance called #OurDhIs brought to life the continuities and collaborations within race, social justice, and DH scholarship. #OurDhIs served as a call-for-action hashtag to extend the political origins of the previously successful #myDHis organizing into a community-centred praxis around what DH pedagogy is and can be. This presentation will highlight the work of a transnational pedagogy partnership, constituting and as constituted by the #OurDhIs movement. Honouring three situated projects, we will share the experiences of kinship and reciprocity between our individual work and collaborative anti-colonial practice in the form of three mini-episodes. Episode one will ask: In what ways does the community-driven focus of #OurDhIs connect DH endeavours with our Ancestors and their anti-oppressive labours? How can we protect and honour the rights, knowledges, and sovereignties of our Ancestors in DH pedagogies and engagements? Episode two will ask: how might we place #OurDhIs in conversation with digital pedagogy curricula in Research I universities and learn from collaborations that BIPOC (Black, Indigenous, and Peoples of Color) scholars have nurtured with off-campus communities as part of their survival praxis against campus racism and neoliberalism? And episode three will ask: How might we champion anti-oppressive and anti-colonial pedagogical practices to introduce DH scholarship to community college students? What are the challenges of advocating for a progressive and inclusive DH pedagogy at a community college with and through movements such as #OurDhIs?
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