• Digital Humanities Core Values Navigated in Global Pandemic Pedagogy

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    Global Digital Humanities Symposium
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    Global Digital Humanities Symposium
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    23-25 March, 2022
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    In Lebanon faculty, staff, and students across university campuses experienced multiple crises, of which COVID-19 was ironically the least to worry about. Ironically because the latter not only pungently exposed the infrastructural vulnerabilities in the health system on a colossal level and extenuated the digital divide in a developing society that came in the way of teaching, research, and learning, but rather it highlighted the resourcefulness and pedagogical inventiveness in the field of Digital Humanities in a time of global pandemic. Moving to virtual teaching spaces in a Lebanese higher education institution due to closures of learning spaces on campus were met with more than the minor hiccups experienced by the digital divide among learners and researchers in the Global North. Collapsed currency in Lebanon added to other infrastructural needs, led to exasperating teaching and research conditions impacted Digital humanists as educators and scholars. The ripple effects of the Lebanese economic meltdown also posed additional extraordinary challenges. Teaching remotely through digitized spaces by people already adept to virtual educations platforms and tools did not eliminate the infrastructural hardships that came in the form of electricity outages, unstable internet connections, lack of funds for renewal of subscriptions to databases and online platforms in addition to the inaccessibility of previously allocated funds in the form of external scholarships, paywalls, and the inability to pay for maintenance costs of digitization equipment in the library and archives. The following presentation will show how some of the core values articulated in Lisa Spiro’s article “This is Why We Fight: Defining the Values of the Digital Humanities” (2012) allowed students and instructors to navigate pandemic restrictions as well as the Lebanese economic crisis and gain the required intellectual and technical skills needed in two undergraduate digital humanities courses.
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