• Heraklez (Hercules) Originated in Etruria as Revealed by Pottery Images having Bidirectional Alphabetic Akkadian Pottery Texts (550 BCE)

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    Heroes and Demons entered the northern Mediterranean culture between 600 and 500 BCE when the culture was transforming from the magical Ancient Pagan Paradigm to a lordified Paradigm which forced deity personification making them lords in a royal pantheon instead of powers. This caused an explosion in the number of deities and other divine realm actors like the hero Heraklez (Hercules). This time of transition was when the poems of the Iliad and Odyssey were first composed so they are much later than many think. Yet the deity as a power or principle continued on in Greek philosophy. This was also the time when the new writing direction of left to right first appeared in Etruria and Greece alongside the more traditional right to left direction. The new writing direction was used as labels to describe the new artistic level images starting to appear on pottery and on the walls of tombs. This left commentary to the original writing direction. Because Akkadian was not the spoken native language of these areas, many of these Alphabetic Akkadian labels became proper deity, hero, demon, and spirit names in their native languages This is how the names of “Athena” and “Herakles” entered history. Heraklez (original spelling) was a defender of life powers against corruption by the magical motion powers. His name means “Hu’s realm restrainer of lunar-energy.” In contrast, the word “Athena” simply means “motion power.” The original Etruscan Heraklez wore a lion skin and did not wield a club. This lion skin did not become a lion skin shield until 50 years later. Deities mentioned in these texts are Hu, Yahu. Opener (Ayu), and Shepherd (Su).
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