• Financing Libraries and Information Centres for Internally Displaced Persons in Nigeria

    Aniebiet Inyang Ntui (see profile)
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    In February 2008 a unique Community Library and Information Centre was established in Ikang Village in Cross River State of Nigeria. The Nigerian Government designated Ikang as a camp for internally displaced persons. The displaced persons are a direct result of the Nigerian Government acceptance of the decision of the International Court of Justice to cede its former territory (Bakassi) to the Republic of Cameroon. This paper takes a look at the sources of revenue for the funding of the centre that is established for the internally displaced persons from Bakassi. The paper provides suggested sources of funding as well as how the existing sources can be sustained and improved upon. This is necessary because government funding is not only inadequate but irregular and sometimes none existing. The suggested sources of funding the centre include funding by private individuals, endowment, donations, gifts, NGO assistance and fund raising activities. At present the major source is the fund-raising activities which has become the mainstay of funding and through which the centre provides the necessary services to the community.
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