• Readings in Library Science: Contemporary Issues

    Imelda Edam-Agbor, Aniebiet Inyang Ntui (see profile) , Note: Author List Is In No Specific Order, James Ogum Odu, Faith Sylvester Orim
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    The word library is a derivative of the Latin word "Liber" meaning Book. At the earliest beginning, libraries were defined mainly in terms of the information resources contained in them. As the human society keeps evolving, the nature, content management of libraries keep changing as well. From the small reading rooms consisting mainly of Clay Tablets, Papyrus Scrolls, and other forms of information resources prevalent in the ancient and the medieval times, to the contemporary libraries of the mother age, characterised by physical resources, electronic resources and highly skilled personnel. The evolution of libraries equally portrays new roles and responsibilities for the libraries and for the library personnel. At present, libraries are agencies that have acquisition, preservation and dissemination of information as the basic aim of their establishment. They are saddled with the responsibility of ensuring that users have unrestricted access to their information needs, provided they align themselves properly to the rules and regulations governing the use of libraries and information centres. These agencies offer the information users the benefit of having access to accurate and reliable information. In view of the importance attached to information, as a research infrastructure, a commodity, a source of empowerment and a pivot of business, information user attach so much value to information and rely on information for success in research, business engagements and general wellbeing. Libraries and information centres therefore serves as the rallying point for information seekers who valued these agencies as dependable sources of information.
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