• Up and About in Nairobi and Bombay: A Self-Portrait of My Early Days in Kenya and India

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    This e-book, a collection of ten vignettes, is intended to serve as an addendum, or appendix, to my earlier book, "A Passage to Kenya: A Historical Collage of a Unique Time and Place," CreateSpace, North Carolina, 2017 (ISBN: 9781542732109). The latter is a literary journey through the complex, inter-related colonial past of the region bordering the western Indian Ocean and an account of the extensive traffic and intercourse between the peoples of its diverse shores. Now my purpose in this e-book is to add some personal color to that previous historical and political account by describing memories from my youth in Kenya and India, which was spent largely in the cities of Nairobi and Bombay (today's Mumbai). The focus is on my early years, but occasionally I weave in musings from a subsequent period and a septuagenarian's perspective. I use the term "vignettes" to highlight the fact that the writing is selective, much having been omitted. It is possible to read these vignettes in any order, but they have been sequenced to tell an underlying story and create a "self-portrait" of my early days in colonial Kenya and newly-independent India, and thus they are best read in the order presented.
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