• Image and Video Processing: An Ingenious Tool of Story Telling

    DUSHYANT SOMVANSHI (see profile)
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    Right from the existence of Homo sapiens (Humans), storytelling has existed. Primarily in an oral tradition, humans used storytelling as a method of preserving stories, history and cultural traditions of their ancestors. Verbal communication is one of the fundamental form of communication, whether or not humans once communicated with primitive grunts. As humans are social creatures, they use different mediums to communicate which also proves as an evidence of socialism of humans. Consequently, storytelling evolved from stone scripts to the digital and now it is further transforming to the immersive medium format. Different cultures documented their stories, history and also digitised it to preserve it. Aesthetics and content of the storytelling is creatively enhanced with the help of various processes. Image processing; the set of techniques used to modify a digital image in order to improve it (in terms of quality), or to reduce its size or to get information out of it. Digital image processing is a new sector of knowledge that has quickly developed due to the emergence of new information technologies. It simply relies on the information linked with mathematics, signal processing, electronic systems and the development in microprocessor computation capacities. In its early stages digital image processing and its scope of application is quite spread, due to which it has quickly become apparent that a methodology should be created and the domains of application separated out. This research gives spotlight on the analysis of multidimensional role of image and video processing in altering the complete way of contemporary storytelling. It deals with various aspects of audio-visual production process related to video and images. The main purpose of the study was to discuss the techniques and the thought process with respect to the technological aspect in digital storytelling.
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