• Dialogicality. Personal, local and planetary dialogue in education, health citizenship and research.

    Hubert Hermans, Carles Monereo, Crista Weise (see profile)
    Democracy--Philosophy, Dialogism (Literary analysis), Education, Identity (Psychology), Psychology
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    conflicting identities, Identity and Otherness, positioning, self, Democratic theory, Dialogism, Identity, Voice
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    The book we present here is a genuine representation of the state of the art of the research carried out by an international group of researchers, with attention to different areas of human development, and based on Dialogical Self Theory . Educators, therapists, counselors, advisors, psychologists, supervisors, and researchers ultimately have a similar function: introducing discourses, narratives, and contexts, which become new voices for inner dialogue. These voices challenge certain mask-positions used to camouflage ourselves, unveil shadow-positions that we hide, and construct third-positions that may reconcile inner conflicts. In short, to adopt a meta-positional attitude allows us to take sufficient distance to evaluate ourselves in different versions of ourselves and to analyze the impact of each voices on our internal organization. Thus, reframing the relationship with others and ourselves and becoming the agent of one’s decisions, we transform the social contexts in which we develop. The book is divided in three sections: one dedicated to research in the educational field, another to the clinical and health field, and a third one to studies of a cultural and social nature. The last section offers an overview of the different methodological approaches used to create new knowledge, as inspired by Dialogical Self Theory. Dialogicality has given rise to fruitful debates, and they are fully present in this book: Education, training, communication, and therapy. It is expressed in two forms: “for dialogue”, in the sense of teaching how to dialogue more and better, but also "as dialogue", the very basis that gives meaning to these processes.
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