• New Media Technologies in Teaching and Learning in Higher Education

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    New media technologies have immense opportunities as well as challenges in enriching teaching-learning processes which involve the teachers and the taught. Undoubtedly, the effective use of new media technologies would depend on the teaching faculty as they are the ones who have to become adept in innovative use of new media technologies so as to make students use and enrich their learning process for a better understanding of their subjects of study. A few Indian scholars have examined the use of a few new media technologies and their role in the higher education sector. Such studies need to be conducted in different parts of India so as to gain a appropriate understanding of the perceptions and use patterns of new media technologies among higher education teaching fraternity. In this context, the present study explored the use of new media technologies by rural and urban college teachers of diverse disciplines, professional seniority, and socio-economic backgrounds. The analysis of the data collected from a purposive sample of 223 faculty members drawn from urban and rural colleges of Karnataka contributes to our understanding of the extent of and barriers to adaption of new media technologies in higher education sector.
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