• Use of Force Doctrine: How the League of Nations Forged The Modern Interpretation of Use of Force?

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    The objectives include: 1. To drive home the need for today's networked organizations to support the notion that the professional practice of computer forensics and knowledge of relevant laws is essential. 2. To help stakeholders consider how technology forensics blends into overall corporate computer security as a strategic feature. 3. To enlighten the mass on issues associated with computer forensics. 4. To embark on product awareness and campaign to leverage cybercrime. RESEARCH METHODOLOGY The researcher has adopted the doctrinal study as the information of policy decisions and analysis of precedents and its implications have already been made available through journals, research papers, and other scholarly works in circulation. The doctrinal study aids the researcher in presenting a practical and real-world view of the method in which investigations for cybercrime are being carried out in the country in the present scenario. The present research can be called doctrinal as it is an examination that has been finished on an honest to goodness social word by strategy for exploring present statutory courses of action as well as going through various precedents and examining the operation of the concerned statutes in real-life scenarios. RESEARCH QUESTIONS 1. Whether the present statutory provisions regarding the investigation are achieving their desired objectives? 2. Whether our current laws and investigative mechanisms are sufficiently equipped to deal with the burgeoning volume of cyber-crimes in the post-covid era? 3. Whether the current strength of investigating officers and cybercrime cells are adequate to ensure proper investigation? 4. Whether there is a need to undertake the training of officers and up gradation of technology to keep pace with the rapidly involving ways in which cybercrime is committed?
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