• Multi-institutional Implementation of Digital Humanities: Pedagogies for the Virtual Art Classrooms 

    Kyungeun Lim (see profile) , Borim Song
    Global Digital Humanities Symposium
    Art--Study and teaching
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    Global Digital Humanities Symposium
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    Michigan State University
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    East Lansing, Michigan, United States
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    April 12-15, 2021
    Virtual art studio, Online art teaching, Digitalized artwork, Online art creation, Art education
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    Can studio art classes be taught online? How can students create and submit artworks online? In 2020 spring, worldwide higher educators had to convert their classes online because of the Covid-19. The two presenters of this study had also transitioned classes to entirely online. However, they have devoted themselves to online art teaching for several years so that the complete transition has become another opportunity to develop their teaching. Using the presenters' experiences and investigations of how undergraduate students adopted the transition to online education, this presentation will answer these questions with the virtual art classrooms' digital humanity pedagogies. Educators have implemented digital humanities for immersive learning (Novotny & Wright, 2020; Ziegler Delgado, 2020). The presenters, especially from the art education field, have designed art studio courses to create, appreciate, present, and critique arts by utilizing digitalized artworks/texts and digital technologies. The first presenter will share how she has adopted Google Arts & Culture, virtual museums, and virtual reality in her classes and how her students have presented and critiqued artworks in online spaces. The second presenter will focus on the creations and presentations with digital humanity pedagogies. She will also share how she has developed the digitalization of art instructions and students' art creation to fit into the online environments. Through this presentation, participants can learn practical applications and strategies for digital humanities pedagogies for online art education.
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