• Poetry about the 1968 Mexican Student Movement An Approach from Testimony, Social Imaginaries, and Digital Humanities

    Jaime Ricardo Huesca (see profile)
    Global Digital Humanities Symposium
    Digital humanities research and methodology, Hegemony, Mexican history, Mexican literature, Social movements
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    Conference paper
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    Global Digital Humanities Symposium
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    Michigan State University
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    April 15, 2021
    1968, 1968 Mexican Student Movement, Corpus Linguistics and Discourse Analysis, Mexican poetry, testimony, Voyant Tools
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    With Voyant Tools I studied a poetic corpus generated about the 1968 student movement and its culmination with the massacre of October 2, an important episode for the contemporary history of Mexico. Through the platform and the visualization of the information, it is possible to observe new routes of interpretation in the study of extensive sets of poems. Such practice provides an alternative or complementary methodological support to formal poetic analysis, since the quantitative approach evidences textual relationships that are not explicit. With this type of digital tool, it is possible to identify the gestation of social imaginaries, stylistic tendencies, discursive and political strategies in a specific study. From a corpus of three anthologies (155 poems in total), Voyant Tools reinforce the interpretation of the literary exercise and deciphers how, from the word and a committed feeling of resistance, literary voices in search of social justice materialize to legitimize the testimony of victims, in a production context dominated by social unrest due to censorship, violence and crimes without recognition carried out by the State.
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