• . Critically evaluate one specific example of a tool for information organisation, such as a particular classification scheme, categorisation, taxonomy, thesaurus, subject heading list, cataloguing code/set of cataloguing guidelines.

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    Organising information can be daunting sometimes. There are several classification schemes available to classify knowledge. Among them, Dewey Decimal Classification and the Library of Congress Classification are widely used. Melvil Dewey is a wise person who thought about organised and meaningful way of logical grouping of printed or digital material so that it can be found easily. And indeed, such responsibility is key task of LIS professionals. Classification is parent term and/or tool for information organisation. I am saying ‘classification’ as a parent term because it tells us where knowledge or information resources will fit physically. Information organisation will then make sense to ensure easy access in it for wide range of different user from anywhere in the world. As classification is very old and wide concept. I will not pull everything in detail of it rather I will analysis and evaluate a particular tool, Dewy Decimal Classification(DDC) through its history and usage, description, structure and contents, and any related ethical issues. After that, I will briefly present a short comparison between DDC and Library of Congress Classification(LCC). The reason why I chose these two tools is that they both had a significant impact on the development of document or material classification practice for both digital and traditional libraries. However, DDC is such a wide concept that if hundred and hundred writers start to write about it, it will not be over. Because of my time constrains, I will focus on 22 editions of DDC and more specifically it’s class 000 (Generalia).
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