• Sense of a Beginning: The Role of Beginnings in the Israelite Historical Résumés

    Aubrey Buster (see profile)
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    In this essay, I pose two questions: the first question is, how do different beginnings shape the way that the story is told? In this section of the essay, I will present a selection of theoretical insights focused on the questions of beginning and the way in which a narrative’s beginning both sets up and determines the content of the story that is to follow. This overview is necessarily selective, but it will at least suggest some of the various roles that beginnings play in the configuration and interpretation of stories. Secondly, I turn to the historical résumés in the Hebrew Bible to interrogate the roles of beginnings in the stories that Israel told about herself. While each of these recitals plays an important rhetorical role in its respective individual narrative or anthological context, by surveying them as a series we can also see the most common ways in which Israel referred to the beginnings of her own life with God.
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