• Ontology-based semantic annotation of Xenophon's Hellenica.

    Maria Papadopoulou (see profile) , Christophe Roche
    Ancient Greece & Rome, Artificial Intelligence, Classical Philology and Linguistics, Library & Information Science, Public Humanities
    Ontology, Linked data, Semantic Web, History, Ancient
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    Classics, Linked open data, Ancient history
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    Ontologies for DigitalHumanities - O4DH workshop: Demystifying ontologies, April 20th and 21st, 2021, 5pm to 7pm (Paris time). 'Demystifying' is a new series of workshops of the Ontologies for Digital Humanities (O4Dh) initiative supported by the Université Savoie Mont Blanc and Liaocheng University. The 2021 workshops are dedicated to unraveling the mysteries of Semantic Web technologies. In joining the first instalment of the 'Demystifying' workshop series, participants will acquire the necessary concepts and practical skills to address the needs to structure and build, browse and query ontologies. Ontologies structure the data in the domain of interest into classes, properties, data types, and instances and explicitly identify each piece of data on the Web with a Uniform Resource Identifier (URI). Ontologies provide a common vocabulary for multiple systems, so that data coming from one system can be processed in the other. They can complement databased systems in opening their data into the world of Linked Open Data. By connecting data and defining entities and relationships, Ontologies effectively enable the development of sophisticated semantic applications. With connected data and relationships structured by means of Ontologies and stored as graphs, it is easy to incorporate all that important information e.g., in building machine learning models and contextualize data for explainable and credible AI predictions. For Humanists, Ontologies can be instrumental in the semantic annotation of texts, as well as images, through the linking of words or phrases (e.g., named entities, such as persons, places, events, dates) of unstructured text with elements of the ontology (e.g., entities, relations), rendering data findable, accessible, interoperable, reproducible. More information here: http://o4dh.com/demystifying-ontologies Cost (per workshop): 50 euros - Students: 30 euros Register here: http://o4dh.com/seminar-registration
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