• The web is alive with the sound of music: an analysis of the history and future of virtual ensemble performances as performance documents

    Arianna Dahlia (see profile)
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    This dissertation aims to examine virtual ensemble performances as performance documents and their potential effects on performance documentation. It will be looking at these topics from a library science and documentation perspective. This dissertation's objectives include defining what a virtual ensemble is and other relevant terminology related to the virtual ensembles phenomena and community. Another objective is to explain the history of virtual ensembles by addressing where they come from and how they got started. The final objection is to examine the place of virtual ensembles as performance documents and speculating how they may impact the future of performance and music documentation. The primary methodology used in this project is desk research and analysis. The analyses used will be focused on literary analysis. However, some philosophical and historical analysis was used as well as limited performance analysis when necessary. While this research is meant to look at a general overview of virtual performance in multiple disciplines, such as orchestra and theatre, this research will emphasize choir performances due to the prevalence of accessible material for choirs using that medium. The findings indicate that while they have many similarities and could be classified as performance documents, subtle differences make them distinct and better suited to be categorized as their own discipline. Nonetheless, virtual ensembles are still worth preserving as documentation of the story of now and the evolution of art and its digitization. Additionally, it must be remembered that posting something online or digitizing it is not the same as preserving something. Despite being published online, these documents will need special efforts to be preserved and available for future generations.
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