• Teachers’ Awareness and School’s Responsiveness to the Child Protection Policy: Basis for a Development Plan

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    Administrator Development Plan, Child Abuse, Child Protection Policy, Protecting Children, School Responsiveness, Teacher Awareness, Teacher Training, Teaching Environment, Teacher education
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    This study determines the level of awareness of the teachers in the Child Protection Policy and the level of its implementation in the Schools Division of Meycauayan City. The study used a descriptive research with survey as its primary data gathering tool. 165 elementary teachers chosen through random sampling took part in the survey. With the help of Microsoft Excel, the researcher used the following statistical tools: frequency and percentage to describe the demographic profile; mean and standard deviation to describe the indicators under level of awareness and level of implementation. The study found out that most of the teachers are aware of the Child Protection Policy, but its implementation in the schools is not that rigid. Therefore, it is recommended that implementing the Child Protection Policy be monitored and a more comprehensive information drive be given to teachers. Training modules which include positive and non-violent discipline in classroom management, anger and stress management and gender sensitivity should be included in seminars to be conducted.
    The article helps in formulating a comprehensive Development Plan for a more extensive implementation of the Child Protection Policy which aims to protect our children from abuse, exploitation and other forms of abuse.
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