• Sailing against the Waves: Challenges and Coping Mechanisms of Teachers Assigned in a Coastal School

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    The study aimed at investigating the lived experiences of teachers assigned in bay school areas. To achieve this aim, the researchers used ten (10) secondary teachers at Sta. Cruz National High School, in the Municipality of Paombong, Bulacan. The researcher used the phenomenological method of research, which utilized researchers-made survey questions as primary data gathering technique through a form of interview. The study found out that the challenges encountered by teachers in bay schools are mainly concerned with safety in travelling, means of communication, lack of instructional materials, and the students’ economic status. Despite these challenges, teachers in coastal schools are coping up using the following mechanisms: (in terms of safety in travelling) wearing of life support materials, conquering one’s fear, school boat service, school head support, time management, (in terms of means of communication) place of access, coordination with LGUs in times of calamities, (in terms of lack of learning materials) being resourceful and creative, (in terms of students’ economic status) teachers’ optimism and love for work. The Department of Education may conduct school needs assessment for them to really identify other issues and problems in bay school areas. Doing this may really help them formulate a developmental framework for the programs and activities especially for teachers assigned in bay schools.
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