• Using Your "Research Pantry"

    Kendra Leonard (see profile)
    American Musicological Society, Music Library Association, Society for Music Theory (SMT)
    Musicology, Digital humanities
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    Conference paper
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    Fall 2020 Joint Meeting of the Texas Music Library Association and the AMS-Southwest chapter
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    Texas Music Library Association and the AMS-Southwest chapter
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    24-26 September 2020
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    What's in your research "pantry"? What topics, materials, and data are already on your shelves or in your files, just waiting to become papers, presentations, or articles? The pandemic may have stopped many of us from some of our usual research, library, and archival work, but there is still a lot we can do using materials and information we have and maybe haven’t even thought about. This 1-hour workshop will focus on how we—musicologists, librarians, everyone—can continue or develop research projects working with sources that are immediately available. We’ll discuss taking stock of what we have and how to generate project ideas from those materials; how to work with new and emerging online networks to access archival materials when we can’t travel to the archive; consider how to use recent classroom experiences and data in developing pedagogy- and learning-centered studies; and talk about how librarians and teaching faculty can collaborate on projects that require their specialized skills and training. Participants are encouraged to bring questions, ideas, and projects to discuss. We’ll end with a moderated group discussion to help foster connections and brainstorm further possibilities of using what’s in your research pantry.
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