• ¿Por qué duró tanto la presencia de España en América?

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    This book deals with a case of political durability. Rather than trying to find the reasons for the collapse of the Spanish presence in America, the accent is placed on how such situation could last so long. How could a country, whose grip over Europe had ceased in the middle of the XVI century, continue to rule, without much interference, over such a vast territory and millions of inhabitants. Attempts to break the ties with the Spanish Crown happened from the very beginning of the Conquest. The sons of the three main conquistadors, Pizarro, Almagro and Cortés, did proclaim their refusal to obey the laws which came from Spain, yet they failed to achieve their goals faced by peninsular civil servants with little knowledge of America and zero military experience. England and Holland had a good opportunity in Utrecht to establish colonial power in the Southern hemisphere of America, and yet they did not obtain any land advantages in Spanish America. If one ear too few was reason enough to invade the kingdom of New Grenada in 1741, ¿why did it not happen much before, for instance, after the defeat of the Spanish Armada? When Peruvian, Colombian, and Mexican rebels, were at the doors of Cuzco, Bogotá and the city of Mexico, they could easily have taken these three towns in a few hours, and yet, they opted out and left those capitals untouched. ¿Why? This is the type of questions which are relevant in this book, which deals with a subject that can be seen from many angles and even sentiments. The method consists on focusing on those political options which the Spanish Crown had available at various point in time, and describing the results of selecting (and pursuing) some, while rejecting others. The fact that Spain had to withdraw from America precisely when these lines of support failed to be effective, seems to avail the criteria used in this essay.
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