• Exquisite Engendering Remix Exhibition Assignment

    Karen Keifer-Boyd
    Kim Middleton
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    Curatorial note from Digital Pedagogy in the Humanities: Karen Keifer-Boyd’s final class project for her graduate course in art education provides a variegated set of exemplary student remixes, and her detailed “Feminist Remix Critiques of Visual Culture” assignment also offers a wealth of resources to inform students’ understanding of potential approaches and digital tools. Keifer-Boyd has used this assignment, based on the Dadaist Exquisite Corpse art process, in several different semesters. The exhibition from the spring 2016 iteration of the course highlights the effects of situating remix in a larger series of interactions (Eagle et al.). As part of FemTechNet’s Distributed Open Collaborative Course (described in detail by Keifer-Boyd in the FemTechNet Roadshow Blog Series), the spring 2016 Exquisite Engendering Remix students spent a semester in conversation with students at the University of Helsinki, a collaboration which clearly contributed to the spirit of openness and dialogue about their remixes. The participatory nature of their work is evident in this final exhibition, which encourages the audience to comment on the videos; in fact, the Web site offers a series of prompts to focus those comments toward the exhibition’s theme of gender.
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