• "Data-Based Project and Analysis"

    Lauren F. Klein
    Daniel Carter, Tanya E. Clement
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    Curatorial note from Digital Pedagogy in the Humanities: Like Melanie Feinberg’s course, this course usefully engages with information as authored by explicitly asking students to first understand and then to intervene in existing systems or processes in order to create an argument. However, while Feinberg’s course focuses on a specific aspect of information systems (metadata) and a specific theoretical concept (residuality), Klein’s course asks students to discover and articulate their own interests, which might range from forms of visualization to formats of data and from epistemological issues to the social or political. Whether producing a proof-of-concept or proposal, students must think about how their critical arguments intersect with real-world constraints. Projects such as Nicholas Felton’s personal annual reports are especially valuable objects to consider, as they represent uses of data that are personal and emerging, open to a variety of arguments and interventions, as well as concrete and specific, realized in specific technologies that are available to students. One of the interesting tensions running through the assignments collected here is between information as crafted by individuals and information as structured by distributed technical systems and tools, and one of the key pedagogical uses of Klein’s project is in having students experience and negotiate this tension.
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