• “So far from home”: Tracing the endeavours of three Froebel teachers from Edinburgh who migrated to New Zealand in the early 20th century, 2020

    Kerry Bethell, Helen May (see profile)
    Foreign study, Education, History
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    early childhood, Froebel, New Zealand, Education abroad, Educational history, Gender
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    This is an overview essay setting the context of Scottish - New Zealand education links in colonial times that shape our story of three infant teachers who arrived in New Zealand in the early 20th century. As historians of early childhood institutions in New Zealand our researches, collectively and separately, have included the archival unravelling and ‘discovery’ of the travels of early childhood people and ideas across transnational borders. Some teachers travelled from New Zealand to seek and appraise new ventures, experiments and ideas. Other teachers brought their experience and ideas to the distant British colony of New Zealand in the ‘whirlwind’ of the ‘settler revolution’ described by historian James Belich in his book "Replenishing the Earth" (2009). Our infant teachers from Edinburgh – Isabel Little, Agnes Inkpen and Isabella Jamieson - were exemplars of this ‘whirlwind’ arriving in New Zealand in the early years of the 20th century to the new Dominion of Britain proclaimed in 1907. A century ago they travelled with their ‘modern methods’ to New Zealand and embarked on a range of endeavours for the betterment of children and women. Their stories are presented as separate essays intended initially as presentations at the International Froebel Society Conference in Edinburgh in June 2020.
    This is an overview essay. The full story of these teachers are told in separate papers: Kerry Bethell: ‘Forever teachers, forever friends’: Agnes F R Inkpen (1880-1952) and Isabella M Jamieson (1881-1964) (forthcoming) Helen May: “A Froebel trained ‘Scot’ from Edinburgh”: Isabel Little (1876-1937)
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