• The Therapeutic Importance of Compassionate Care

    Lysa Scealf (see profile)
    Medical ethics, Narrative medicine
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    compassionate care, cultural competance, ethical care, Medical humanities
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    This research studied the benefits and outcomes of the use of Narrative Medicine practices on patients undergoing critical care and cancer treatments. Patients and their caregivers were observed and interviewed regarding the effects of Compassionate Care on their overall health before, during, and after treatments. Medical Staff was also observed applying these therapies steadily over the course of nine weeks. It was determined through preliminary analysis that the use of Compassionate Care, alternatively known as Narrative Medicine, as a practical nursing and medical technique is an effective course of supportive therapy for critical care and cancer treatment as it produces better health outcomes. The patients observed recovered faster with fewer side-effects and less stress-related trauma than those not part of this practice. It was also observed that the caregivers and families of those undergoing treatments suffered less stress and fatigue. These findings are consistent with related research which directly links positive outcomes on health recovery to the use of Compassionate Care over the more mechanical ethics of traditional medical science, (Charon, R., 2006). The results of this research will be used to develop subsequent informational literature geared to the general public as a guide which will familiarize, educate, and advocate the practice of Compassionate Care as a viable option for critical illness treatment.
    This research is part of a fellowship project conducted by the author. Presented materials including poster and supplemental items may be viewed at UTC Scholar https://scholar.utc.edu/research-dialogues/2020/day1_posters/155.
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