• On the Ethics of Artificial Intelligence

    Ali Azarpanah (see profile) , Jared Bielby, Katrina Ingram, Emad Mousavi (see profile) , Howard Nye, Geoffrey Rockwell, Jingwei Wang, Tugba Yoldas
    CSDH-SCHN 2020
    Artificial intelligence, Digital humanities, Ethics, Philosophy, Technology
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    Conference paper
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    CSDH-SCHN 2020
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    Currently, AI ethics is failing in many cases. Ethics lacks a reinforcement mechanism. Deviations from the various codes of ethics have no consequences. And in cases where ethics is integrated into institutions, it mainly serves as a marketing strategy. Furthermore, empirical experiments show that reading ethics guidelines has no significant influence on the decision- making of software developers. It is a boom time for artificial intelligence (AI) and ethics. All sorts of groups have launched manifestos, declarations, toolkits and lists of principles to set the ethical agenda. There are so many lists of principles that now other groups are providing guides to all the lists. You would think that having all these principles and checklists would be a good thing, but many of them are being generated by industry or by scientists. We risk ignoring other approaches to ethics that come from the humanities. In this panel we will present a dialogue of philosophical perspectives and informatics approaches on artificial intelligence (AI). These reflect an interdisciplinary collaboration at the University of Alberta between faculty and students across Digital Humanities, Philosophy, Communications, and Library and Information Studies
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