• The University of Alberta’s SpokenWeb Project

    Ali Azarpanah (see profile) , Sean Luyk, Jennifer McDevitt, Michael O’Driscoll, Geoffrey Rockwell
    CSDH-SCHN 2020
    Digital archiving, Human computer interaction design, Metadata, Poetry and new media
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    CSDH-SCHN 2020
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    June 1-5, 2020
    Audiotexts, Interface design, Literary audio, SpokenWeb project
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    This poster outlines the development of SpokenWeb UAlberta, a website for the digital collection of literary audio recordings at the University of Alberta. The collection consists of about 200 open reel recordings of literary audio events held at the University of Alberta from the 1960s-1980s. SpokenWeb UAlberta is a node of the SSHRC-funded SpokenWeb Partnership, that includes university and community collections from across Canada. Its aim is to build a networked archive of literary recordings over seven years. SpokenWeb UAlberta is a multidisciplinary project in which archivists, digital humanists, librarians, literary scholars, and sound studies specialists collaborate. This poster will illustrate different aspects of this collaboration: Cataloging the University of Alberta tape collection including preparing tapes for critical listening/digitization and the emergent research questions related to their content and audio textual features. Creating descriptive and structural metadata for SpokenWeb UAlberta recordings for internal systems, and SWALLOW, the SpokenWeb’s metadata ingest system. The provision of streaming media access and digital preservation of the recordings in ERA A+V, the University of Alberta's media streaming repository. Creating metadata for ERA A+V, and adjusting metadata categories to those supported by ERA A+V. Designing an Interface that will discuss developing an interface for the University of Alberta’s SpokenWeb portal using CSS and HTML as well as describing the approach of Persona/Scenario/Wireframe have been taken to developing it.
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