• CFP: Energy Crises & Climate Exigencies from Preservation’s Perspective. Future Anterior

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    Call for Papers: For this issue of Future Anterior , we welcome papers that examine historical or contemporary retrofitting practices and theories in relation to climate crises and energy challenges. Although “‘Reduce, Reuse, Recycle” served as a catchy public education tool for American environmental activists and American practitioners in the 1990s, adaptation of the built environment to the climate has deeper, broader roots than recent efforts to reduce new construction, reuse existing building stock, and/or recycle building materials. Retrofit, a theory of preservation practiced globally in accordance with diverse disciplines, politics, cultures and resources, is a crucial aspect of the world’s low carbon past and future. The diversity of retrofit practices across time and space warrants decolonizing the concept of “theory” and democratizing consideration of its formation. We invite authors to thought leadership, by illuminating the ideas and projects of underrepresented practitioners or by exploring how and why certain works of design and development have become sites of disciplinary adoration and/or discursive attention. Together, these case studies of retrofit will shed light on the archive of preservation that motivates and mobilizes individuals, institutions and industries to invest, both financially and culturally, in smart growth and degrowth. Only papers submitted to Future.Anterior.Journal@gmail.com by the deadline-- 06/01/20-- in the formatting described below will be reviewed for publication.
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