• A Trajetividade do Pessoa Digital: Contributos para uma História do Espólio Pessoano

    Taiguara Villela Aldabalde, Carlos Pittella (see profile)
    Archives, Digital Humanists, Global DH, Poetics and Poetry
    Pessoa, Fernando, 1888-1935, Archives, History
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    Casa Fernando Pessoa, Biblioteca Nacional de Portugal, Pessoa Digital, LdoD Archive, Arquivo Pessoa, Trajectivity, Literary estates, Fernando Pessoa, Digital archives, History of archives
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    A period of six months (Dec. 2017 to Jun. 2018) saw the launch of three digital platforms dedicated to the works of Fernando Pessoa, raising the number of such projects to seven published in a decade. Considering this virtual proliferation as a milestone for Pessoan studies, this article aims to reconstruct, at least as a sketch, the history of Pessoa’s archive, from its first attempts at organization to its digital transformation. The authors propose a tripartition of phases for the history of the archive, covering: 1) evidence of an angst for organizing one’s papers found in Pessoa’s writings, as well as readings on the organization of archives sampled from volumes extant in the poet’s private library (1888-1935); 2) a chronology of transformative events of the posthumous life of the archive, from the princeps Ática edition to the creation of the House of Fernando Pessoa (1942-1993); 3) the digital transformation of Pessoa’s archive, still in process (1995-). The conclusion includes a comparative reading of the Pessoan digital platforms available, using the concept of «trajectivity» as a reference point.
    Preprint of: ALDABALDE, T. V., & PITTELLA, C. (2018). A trajetividade do Pessoa digital: contributos para uma história do espólio pessoano. In F. Ilharco, P. Hanenberg, & M. S. Lopes (Eds.), Património Cultural e Transformação Digital (pp. 102-130). Universidade Católica Editora.
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