• "Re-Envisioning Japan" DH project overview - MLA2020 Collaborative Round Table (DH in Japan & Korea Studies: Approaches and Challenges)

    Joanne Bernardi (see profile)
    2020 MLA Convention, Digital Humanities East Asia, Evaluating Digital Scholarship, Global DH, LLC Japanese since 1900
    Digital scholarship, Digital humanities, Japanese culture, Digital archiving, Material culture, Japan, East Asian studies, Film
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    \"Digital Humanities in Japan & Korea: Approaches and Challenges\"
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    LLC Korea Forum and LLC Japanese since 1900 Forum
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    MLA2020 Seattle
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    January 12, 2020
    Ephemera, inter-regional collaboration
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    Powerpoint presentation for the MLA2020 collaborative roundtable "Digital Humanities in Japan and Korea: Approaches and Challenges," organized by the LLC Korean and LLC Japanese since 1900 Forums. This brief introduction to "Re-Envisioning Japan: Japan as Destination in 20th Century Visual and Material Culture" was one of seven presentations by East Asian scholars working on Korea- and Japan-related DH projects, each targeting specific challenges to digital scholarship and pedagogy in these two fields. "Re-Envisioning Japan" is an open-ended DH project comprising a multimodal digital archive and a heterogeneous physical collection of Japan-related travel, education, and entertainment ephemera; it has a dedicated companion course, "Tourist Japan," a hands-on digital humanities lab course in which students complete assignments (e.g., "Object Encounters," slide 5) that bridge academic inquiry and curatorial skills. After a brief introduction of "Re-Envisioning Japan" (slides 1-3), I introduced three topics for discussion (summarized on slide 4) based on my experience in Japan-specific DH scholarship and pedagogy: (1) evaluation of digital scholarship in tenure and promotion, (2) sustainability and support for Japan-specific DH projects, and (3) rewards.
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