• Creating Exhibitions in Virtual Worlds

    Julian Crooks, June Julian (see profile)
    Art--Study and teaching, Museums--Study and teaching, Virtual reality, Art
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    Conference paper
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    The Centrality of Art, Design and the Performing Arts to Education
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    International Journal of Art and Design Conference - IJade
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    University of Chester, Chester, England
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    October 6 – 7, 2011
    Educational Media, Designing Exhibitions, second life, IJade, Technology in Art Education, Art education, Museum education, Art galleries
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    Demonstrating the multiple features of the Cerulean Gallery in Second Life, this research artifact, a Second Life video or machinima, showcases several exemplary exhibits created by students, artists, and museums. Located in The Educational Media Center, a Second Life teaching and social space, the Cerulean Gallery exhibits functioned as case studies that tested its effectiveness as an alternative venue for exhibition and aesthetic discourse in virtual worlds, and to reveal the learning preferences of Net Generation learners. This research is an examination of three recent major exhibits held at the Center: Places of the Heart, an intergenerational theme show, Wish You Were Here, a collaboration with Taigh Chearsabhagh Museum and Art Center in the Outer Hebrides, UK, The Anime Show, a high school art club in Philadelphia, and a photography exhibit from the Victoria and Albert Museum, London. Link to Creating Exhibitions in Virtual Worlds: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Oj5W1fuVx74&list=UUdnVDdpBZCMwK7VQB1-VKkQ&index=14&t=0s
    This machinima, or Second LIfe video, was presented at the International Journal of Art and Design (iJade) Conference at the University of Chester, Chester, England in 2011. The Abstract of our research report Designing Art Exhibitions in an Educational Virtual World, is included here.
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