• Strategic Positioning for an International Tourism Destination: A Strategic Analysis on St. Martin’s Island-Bangladesh

    Md. Shahidul Islam `Fakir
    Alim Al Ayub Ahmed (see profile)
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    This study explores a case on St. Martin’s Island-Bangladesh, an international tourism destination and analyzes the strategic positioning perspective based on research/case questions followed by some suggestions to execute the strategic positioning to improve the tourism destination in the south Asian regions. This study conducts questionnaire (developed by 5–Point Likert Scale) sample survey on 32 international tourists from different countries of South Asia, South East Asia, Central Asia and African zones of the world. Some approaches and strategic management models like External Factor Analysis Summary (EFAS Table) and Strategic Factor Analysis Summary (SFAS) Matrix, PEST analysis framework, Porter’s Five Forces Model, Positioning Triangle model have been used. Online data sources like google and google scholar database, Banglapedia and Wikipedia have also been used. This study finds that St. Martin’s Island-Bangladesh is a tourism destination at lower traveling cost and this is the best destination for honeymoon in the blue sea water in the location of third world country like Bangladesh. The slogan is “Drive to the destination (D2D) with heavenly experience,” and the mission of this tourism destination is “to enjoy relaxed marine life at lower traveling cost socially and naturally.” The study suffers from smaller sample size from the fewer number of countries. This study motivates local people to learn about how to render tourism services as tour guides. The findings and some general recommendations have implications for the researchers in strategy analysis and the top position holders and decision makers as practitioners in the tourism sector.
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