• ‘The Individual and the Cultural Environment’ Conceptual Unit 
The Awakening

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    The Individual and the Cultural Environment Conceptual Unit
Overarching Enduring Understanding: The relationship between the individual and society 
Overarching Essential Question: How does society influence the individual? Unit Objectives: 
 -My students will be able to demonstrate understanding of the motifs and symbols in the unit’s core text
-My students will be able to interpret themes of: Identity, Love, Society/Class and Repression/Alienation throughout the unit.
-My students will be able to compare and contrast the themes, motifs and symbols of The Awakening with a variety of supplementary literary texts.
-My students will be able to formulate a critical opinion and defend it completely through debate activities.
 -My students will be able to demonstrate comprehension of daily reading through short essay response quizzes. 
 -My students will be able to write a critical lens essay formulating a stance about the relationship between the individual and the cultural environment.
    Unit Enduring Understandings:
-The individual has a responsibility towards society 
- An individual creates his or her own system of beliefs
- Individual values that differ from the societal norm will cause conflict when acted upon.
Unit Essential Questions: 
-What is the responsibility of the individual to society?
- What controls the way a person thinks, acts or lives? 
 -Where do individual values and beliefs come from? 
 -What happens when an individual disagrees with society?

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