• Preservation of Audiovisual and Digital media in tropical climates: a case study of the University of Guyana Library

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    The rationale behind this research was the quest to explore the policies, practices, techniques and strategies for audiovisual and digital media in developing countries experiencing tropical climates, given the fact that countries in developing countries are lagging behind in technology due to the cost attached to the implementation of digitization projects. The research approach adopted in this dissertation includes a case study of the Caribbean Research Library audiovisual collection which is within the University of Guyana Library and an online survey of randomly selected universities libraries within the Tropical regions. The findings from this research proved that the University of Guyana Library contains audiovisual materials that are infested with fungus and show signs of other media degradation. Despite being aware of the present state of the AV collection and the imminent fear of data loss, there is not much that can be done presently by the library administrator due to lack of adequate manpower/skills in AV and digital preservation and funding. The same problems were also express by those participating in the survey. However, due to the low response rate from the online survey no generalization can be made in this instance in regards to AV and digital preservation in tropical climates. It can be concluded that preservation of AV and digital resources in academic libraries experiencing tropical climates should be given adequate financial supports for preservation of information resources from all the respective governments and also existing preservation policies on information resources in libraries should be reviewed to provide guidelines for AV and digital media.
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