• REED London Online: A Year in the Making

    Susan Brown, Mihaela Iovan, Diane Jakacki (see profile) , Nia Kathoni, Kim Martin
    Digital humanities, Scholarly publishing, Editing, Digital media--Editing, Theater, History, England--London
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    Implementing New Knowledge Environments 2019 Gathering
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    Victoria, British Columbia
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    January 16, 2019
    REED, Digital Scholarly Edition, Scholarly editing, Digital editing, Theatre history, London
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    In late 2017 Diane Jakacki was awarded a Mellon/NHPRC Planning Grant for a Records of Early English Drama (REED) Project, focussing on three collections of records from London, England, covering the years 1400-1558. Throughout 2018, the REED London Team has been testing the boundaries of production within the Canadian Writing Research Collaboratory (CWRC)’s digital publishing environment. Working collaboratively with a team that spans the US, the UK, and Canada, we have paved the way for a digital edition of one of the three collections - the Inns of Court Records. This paper will outline the challenges of doing digital scholarly production at a distance, and will highlight attempts to take advantage of CWRC’s infrastructure to support the entire process: from marking up records using the TEI, to the creation of entity lists and relationships between them, resulting in data formatted in the Resource Description Framework (RDF), the language of the semantic web. In addition to outlining the process required for implementing our framework for the creation of digital editions, we will showcase our records as displayed in CWRC’s Dynamic Table of Contexts. This web-based reading environment allows users to customize their selected records with tags and annotations, and helped the REED London team to conceive of ways that different audiences for our records (Shakespearean scholars or economic historians, for example) might explore our digital collections. We will showcase two sets of records, one of correspondence regarding events at court and the other accounts of payments for masque materials, to demonstrate how different scholars might draw upon the rich history in these records.
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