• A Year of Hip Hop and the Pocket City Sound: Cultivating Community Capital

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    2019 MLA Annual Meeting
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    St Louis, MO
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    Title: Hip Hop and the Pocket City Sound: Cultivating Community Capital Description: A Year of Hip Hop 2018 (#AYoHH18) was an inquiry into how educational opportunities might be improved in Evansville's Promise Zone. Using an asset-based approach, projects such as the A Year of Hip Hop Mixtape, a collaborative, original 22 track CD created by local artists sought to build community and amplify voices. Projects challenged notions of civic engagement and gave often marginalized groups opportunities to participate in creative and collaborative ways. A Year of Hip Hop Mixtape can be accessed at https://ayohh.bandcamp.com. The Pocket City sound is combination of various collections, programs, initiatives and events that came out of the idea of creating a new innovative approach towards librarianship at EVPL called the Librarians of Practice. Nathan Jochum, Performing Arts Librarian of Practice, will talk about his role, the core questions of inquiry centered around it and how those manifested into opportunities that led to the Nathan and EVPL being a key component and contributor to the local music scene. What started out as a simple idea of creating a local music and venue history collection through Biblioboard called the Pocket City Music Preserve, https://tinyurl.com/ybgotzs5, the role has blossomed into opportunities once never thought of including a partnership with the local paper in creation of a local music video series, sponsorship of the city's First Fridays entertainment stage and finally the Co-Director position of the city's ParksFest Music Festival, www.parksfestevansville.com. In Hip Hop and the Pocket City Sound, Nathan Jochum and Charles Sutton will discuss how the Evansville Vanderburgh Public Library is building cultural and social capital through music.
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