• Faith, Hope and Charity: An Adlerian Perspective

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    [Master of Theology] This thesis began by reflecting on the experience of contemporary life – on my experience in life in particular. In my reflection it occurred to me that philosophical thinking was gradually being replaced by psychological thinking. In 1991, while on sabbatical in Dublin, my earlier suspicions were confirmed. During the time I spent there my philosophical and theological thinking underwent a process of becoming more critical and, as a result, became more helpful to me. Through this critical and helpful fine turning, as it were, I came to realize that the relationship between culture and belief was undergoing a re-assessment by philosophers and theologians as the Newtonian understanding of the universe and its derivatives were being replaced by dialectical notions less dependent fixed on traditional philosophical concepts. To me it was becoming clear that psychology was gradually replacing philosophy and this led me to appreciate a new intellectual approach in the interpretation of Catholic theological concepts. I concluded that faith, from an Adlerian perspective may be understood as a pastoral theological attitude arising out of an innate disposition described by Alfred Adler as social interest; Gemeinschaftsgefühl. Faith, traditionally considered as capable of “moving mountains” may now be understood as a creative power exercised by healthy individuals living in community. Similarly, hope finds its realization, not in a future idealized world, but in one’s present existence of a higher social interest cultivated on the part of the individual. Following Adler’s insights, charity being out-ward directed strengthens co-operation and reduces competition among individuals living in community.
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