• Thinking in Stats: A Study of Sports Writing

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    In the world of writing, many aspects of it are studied through different lenses. These lenses create various aspects for the readers to understand and think further about the topic of writing. However, the one that is hardly looked at is the realm of sports journalism. Sports journalists, writers, correspondents all play a role in writing the Friday night football game using their own techniques to record the stats (pen and pencil primarily), sending out updates via social media (Twitter), and implementing those statistics into the story printed in the morning paper or sent out to the companies’ various social media accounts. Technology has certainly played a role in expanding the mediums that a sports story can be accessed aside from the print edition of the newspaper. These avenues are great for reaching a more diverse age group than those who read the morning newspaper, but these avenues come at the expense of the shrinking attention spans and public commentary. Yet with technology rapidly changing and adapting to meet the current trends, so too does the writing. This change should open up the possibility on writing studies to meet this transference from pen and paper to a key board and blank word document. The culmination of all of these factors leads to the point that sports writing and other genres of writing should have its own curriculum among the likes of Biology, Business, or Nursing. This study opens the audience to the prospect that there is more to writing of any kind than what people think.
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