• The historical relationship of musical form and the moving image in the current context of the digitisation of media

    John Davey (see profile)
    Film-Philosophy, Film Studies, Music and Sound, Networked Art, Science and Technology Studies (STS)
    Motion pictures, Mass media--Study and teaching, Multimedia (Art), Music, Music--Social aspects, Poetics
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    Monash University, Melbourne Au
    audiovisual, Digital Technology, Media convergence, Film, Intermedia, Media studies, Multimedia, Music and Society
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    Contemporary developments in the medium of the moving picture, particularly in relation to the general digitisation of media, are bringing about substantial changes to long-held conceptions of both its theory and its practice. This thesis asserts that a significant factor in these, both historically and in terms of potential development, is the influence of musical form. Currently underappreciated, the strong interrelationship of musical form and film goes back to the very early days of cinema. The consideration of information in multidirectional form (mosaic; rhizomatic; database), rather than linearly, is directly relatable to concepts in seminal media-studies that equate multilinearity to the acoustic, and linearity to the visual (sound coming to us from all around, and vision from one direction only). The traditional role of music, the art of sound, as the quintessential expression of multiplicity, is an important subject for consideration in this context, and in terms of its ongoing formal relationship to the moving image. Taking a long historical view of this relationship, the research aims to provide a useful perspective on the 'pre-history' of current multimedia/intermedia, thereby indicating certain nascent directions of innovation.
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