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    Interviewee: Nancy Schemerhorn Interviewers: Marleny Abreu & William McNeill Date: October 17, 2018 Location: The Bistro, SUNY Cortland, Cortland, NY Length: 37:42 The Interviewee: Nancy Schemerhorn, a well-known cashier at The Bistro dining hall, has been a member of SUNY Cortland’s staff for 17 years. Nancy has always lived in neighboring towns around Cortland, and she has raised her daughter here. She gives personal, insightful details on how both the town and campus has evolved over the years. She loves her job and says that it helps fulfil her. Nancy does not like the use of cell phones and personally believes that they are causing a reduction in interpersonal relationships in family and social lives. Nancy also believes that the current president, Erik Bitterbaum, has done great things to unite the college and Cortland community. The Interviewers: Marleny Abreu is originally from Rockland County, New York. She is a transfer student at SUNY Cortland majoring in Early Childhood Education with a concentration in history. William McNeill is from Brentwood, Long Island, New York. He is an Archaeology and History Major at SUNY Cortland. This interview is part of an Oral History class under the observation of Evan Faulkenbury during fall 2018 semester. Description of the Interview: This interview took place at the Student Life Center. This building holds The Bistro, one of SUNY Cortland’s dining facilities. The interview was conducted in a meeting room off the main entrance of the building. The room had long rectangular tables that allowed us the opportunity to face each other. The interview lasted over half an hour
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