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    Excelling is the goal of every endeavour. No one wants to be mediocre. Everyone wants to excel at what one does and reach the zenith of performance in that field. Very few can actually excel. Often the cause for not excelling is a general lack of discipline and a wrong understanding of the very parameters of excellence. Humility leads to excellence, both on the worldly and spiritual fronts. However, excellence eludes many because of the arrogance, latent or explicit, that one gains with one’s wrong perception that one has gained some knowledge or skill. Essentially, the factors that disturb the mind become obstacles in achieving concentration on the task at hand, makes one deviate from one’s goals, and leads to a disarray of discipline. Not only does the mind get disturbed, the whole personality of such a person is totally fragmented. People coming in contact with such a person are upset by the total disregard for sense that such a person exhibits. Finally, the person who was slated to be a leader ends up being a leader of a different kind, a leader of failure, a leader of all the don’ts that one should follow if one wants success in life. This book carefully analyses seven reasons why we are unable to succeed. The author, Greg Salciccioli, uses the term ‘We Sabotage Success’. His choice of words is quite poignant and pregnant with meaning.
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