• Applying Cognitive Presence to Individual Educational Experience as a Framework for the Reflective ePortfolio

    La Shun L. Carroll (see profile)
    Science and technology studies (STS), Philosophy of education, Teaching and learning, Pedagogy, History and philosophy of science and technology
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    Each chosen research paper is an artifact on which I reflected in designing my ePortfolio and structuring the outline. There are two main parts in this document: The first part contains overviews and rationale while part two comprises the reflections. Within each element, there are sections headed with the course name and number in chronological order. Included under each course section heading in part one are an overview of the research paper and an explanation as to why the artifact was selected as a representative piece. In part two, each section contains the reflections on the artifact. This particular arrangement of the content allows the reader to follow along as though they are participants observing the manner in which knowledge is being constructed course by course. It is ultimately the process of developing knowledge claims from each of the artifacts that assist in establishing the case for my reflection as an argument. From abstraction, this project for the Reflective ePortfolio was born, as I fully developed my concept of applying cognitive presence to the individual educational experience as a framework for reflection. Portfoliogen.com is hosting the accompanying website for my complete ePortfolio containing all of the content herein in addition to much more in a visual format. The address for my ePortfolio is https://www.portfoliogen.com/llcddsedm/.
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