• Balances of Power Between IP Creators: Ethical Issues in Scholarly Communication

    Kristin Laughtin-Dunker (see profile)
    Copyright, Ethics, Institutional repositories, Intellectual property, Scholarly communication
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    California Academic & Research Libraries
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    California Academic & Research Libraries
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    Redwood City, CA
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    April 2018
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    Scholarly communications often values free access above all else, but what happens when that drive for openness conflicts with ethical issues of consent and ownership? In this CARL IG Showcase panel, members of SCORE (Scholarly Communication and Open Resources for Education) will discuss some of the thorny issues of ethics and scholarly communication, including: consent (particularly among diverse communities outside of the institution) and digital collections, students as information creators / library as publisher, and decolonizing who we consider scholars and what we consider scholarship. This panel will feature speakers who will share current discussions and personal stories on issues pertinent to scholarly communication and ethics. This file in particular represents the second portion of the presentation, focused on balances of power between intellectual property creators in faculty-student collaborations as well as collaborations between university students and underage scholars.
    This presentation was presented as part of the SCORE (Scholarly Communication and Open Resources for Education) Interest Group showcase, "The Right to be Forgotten: Scholarly Communication and Ethics", at the California Academic & Research Libraries (CARL) conference in Redwood City, CA in April 2018. Slides from the full presentation will be available on CARL's website. If citing, please cite the full presentation.
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