• Integrating the Digital Humanities into the (Re)Search Process (Slides)

    Jennifer Oates (see profile)
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    Digital humanities research and methodology
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    Music Librarians are engaging with the Digital Humanities (DH) in a number of ways, including creating projects related to research or music library collections, working with other scholars, and embedding DH in instruction. The DH have produced a wealth of valuable projects and data that are vital resources. Yet, other than a Google search, how does one find these projects? While some universities and libraries provide LibGuides or other catalogues of digital resources, some discovery layers are beginning to include DH sources, and some have been cataloged in World Cat (e.g., Music in Gotham, https://www.musicingotham.org/), the growing body of DH projects is difficult to navigate, particularly for those not intentionally seeking DH resources. This presentation will explore how we, as music librarians, can connect our patrons (locally and virtually) with DH resources and how the DH can enhance our local collections and digital presence. As many of us deal with shrinking budgets, digital resources allow us connect scholars and patrons with materials unavailable locally as well as the opportunity to share unique collections digitally with the world. Drawing upon research and my experience on the advisory board of the Musical Festival Database (http://musicalfestivals.org/), I will illustrate current practices of promoting or searching for digital projects (including those listed above), explore ways in which music librarians can help others locate these resources, and consider talking points for ways to improve upon current practices.
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